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Light the fire within

Leadership, teaching, service and advocacy.

That's how thousands of teen-agers across the country spend hours and hours each week as they work toward the Wohelo Award, the highest award a young person in Camp Fire can earn.

The Wohelo Award is an intensive, individualized project that is designed by the individual youth. Recipients have demonstrated an unwavering commitment to Camp Fire's history and values, leadership, self-confidence, respect for others, organizational skills, and they have also advocated for improved social conditions. The word Wohelo comes from the first two letters of the words Work, Health and Love. In 1910, Wohelo was coined as the organization's watchword.

Camp Fire youth interested in receiving the Wohelo Award generally begin the process in 10th or 11th grade, and it can take up to two years to complete the series of steps in the nationally adopted guidelines.

When you register, please indicate if you have received this prestigious award.

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